Be an Actor in the World’s Play

I like this tool. People like Robert Kiyosaki and Abraham Hicks, Luise Hays and positive and sports psychology have their own versions of acting as if.  It means have the mentality and attitude as if you already are what you want to be.  Think, feel, and speak as if you already have what you want in life.

Some people go overboard with this and think they are so high of themselves and so low of others.  There are people who go about this the wrong way.  So, try your best to act as if you’re rich or successful without hurting others. 

Robert Kiosaki just said something like, “Go to an expensive restaurant in a hotel and just order coffee.  Then allow yourself to feel as if you belong there with all the other customers.”  Abraham Hicks has some kind of exercise, like go to the mall and act as if you can afford anything.  

Speaking as if you can have the thing you want is a powerful part of acting as if.  When you talk like you have faith or you already have whatever you want, it boosts your confidence and vibrations.  Speaking affects your vibrations, so when you speak of already having the thing you want, and believe it, your vibrations will match the things you want.

Acting as if may include the following:

•      Dressing for success

•      Walking with confidence

•      Feeling successful

•      Speaking of success of yourself and others

•      Speaking of your goals with confidence of reaching them

•      Going to places where successful people are

•      Choosing your reactions from a higher perspective

•      Being grateful for having the thing you desire

When you do this, just avoid being fake, so don’t rent a luxury car and drive it around like a fake superstar.  Avoid lying about yourself to other people, because then you’ll just be a liar.  Just keep cool and act as if you have what you want and you are what you want to be.

What changes can you make so you can act like you have everything you want in life? (not faking, acting as if from the inside)

Example: I would change my posture, I would not feel intimidated by wealthy people, I would not worry about finances and enjoy life more.

The key is for you to feel like you already have what you want.  Feel it so much you don’t want it anymore, because you feel you already have it.

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