An Internal Victory That Creates Miracles

The greatest obstacle that we have in life is fear. The greatest achievement that we’ll ever accomplish is killing fear. Without the absence of fear, nothing great would ever be achieved. When you’re able to learn the secret of killing fear and prevent it from returning, life will surely be different. You will finally know what it is to live. You’ll clear your mind of the clutter of fear and the weeds of fear. Fear is the greatest destroyer in our minds. 

                When fear is killed, we’ll be fresh to grow healthy thoughts, healthy emotions, and be able to feed our ambitions. When fear is destroyed, we won’t seem like insecure losers around people. We won’t have a lack of self-reliance and a lack of self-confidence. When you’re able to get rid of the fear, finally, you will surely radiate faith and hope and belief in yourself and your abilities. This hope and positive energy will impress everyone you come in contact with. 

                The complete annihilation of fear will work miracles in your mind and Mental Attitude. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, you’ll be able to attract what you desire. It’s part of the Law of Attraction that we attract what we fear or what we desire. Most people have trouble attracting what they desire because fear is the biggest stumbling block. When we desire or fear something, we create a mental picture, and both work the same way, when we hold the mental picture of fear or desire we tend to allow the thought to take form in our actions and in our beings then eventually it affects our conditions.

                Most of our fears are silly things and make no sense, and they are also a waste of energy.   Commonly, we don’t concentrate on them long enough to happen, yet we think of them enough to distract us from focusing on the good that we desire, so we often get mixed results in life. The longer you concentrate on the thing you fear, the closer you get to manifesting it. That is why its best to get rid of the fear, so it doesn’t even have a chance to grow.

                Getting rid of fear is as simple as allowing light to enter a dark room. With fear, the greatest method of getting rid of it simply replaces it with a positive thought. Since we can only consciously think one thought at a time, every time we have a fearful thought, we can think of a courageous thought or thoughts of our ideals, like confidence and fearlessness and feel the emotion so that thought and emotion of courage, confidence, and fearlessness overpower with light, the darkness of fear.   Whenever fear appears in your mind, all you have to do is think that the medicine for this is fearlessness and courage.   

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