Ammunition for your Success

Realize that the only reason you reach your dreams is because of you.  Not because the people around you or the world.  It’s all because of you.   What determines your navigation towards success is always your vision.  So have a vision, stick with it, and keep running towards it until you reach the finish line.  While many people have a vision and then give up, you should keep going.  Realize that anything we can imagine is achievable.  

            When we are going towards a goal we always have distractions, whether it’s outside distractions or inner thoughts.  We can’t stop thinking, and we can only think one thought at a time.  So if you’re not thinking of your goals or something positive, you’re automatically thinking of something else.  Most people’s minds are on automatic worry.  The greatest tool to change our dominant thoughts is affirmations, same as a repeated prayer, or a mantra, which actually means “Tool of thought”. 

Some examples are “I can do all things through God who strengthens me”, “Thank you” is one of the greatest mantras you can say, suggested by many successful people.  You can also make goal oriented mantras or affirmations like “I’m going to make a million dollars by the end of the year”, but it’s better if you have a becoming goal, like “I’m going to give my best efforts to making a million dollars”.  You don’t say mantra’s just to say them, you say them to make yourself believe in them, and reinforce those beliefs until you have full faith in them and eventually live them into your reality.  This is one of the tools to having a focused mind and a clear mind.  When you clearly focus on your goals, you hold one of the keys to the doors of success. 

 Another key is to be grateful.  Always start the day being grateful for as many specific things as possible and feel the gratitude.  End the day the same way, and during the day keep acknowledging the things you’re grateful for.  Gratitude is one of the deepest feelings of happiness.  It’s one of your resources, so don’t waste it.  If you don’t practice being grateful, your ability to be grateful will rot.  Also don’t waste any other resource God has given you, including your talents.  When you don’t use your talent it fades.  Use it or lose it.

Have you ever felt pain in not following through with your ideas or plans?  The pain is actually telling you “Follow your ideas and plans!”.  When you try to avoid the hard work to achieving your dreams, your reality will avoid your dreams and those God given ideas will eat you up and turn into negativity.  No one will be able to tell, maybe not even yourself, but eventually you’ll feel so sick about yourself.  We move backwards anytime we hesitate, hide for safety, act in fear or laziness.  When you take even small steps forward, you’re a step closer to success.

Using intense effort will burn through life’s distractions.  In a way, hard work is praying.  Being disciplined and sacrificing yourself for your work intensely will bring you closer to God.  When we work hard and endure all the difficulty of life with a happy mind, it brings us peace and clarity of thought.  Hard work brings us closer to God.  No matter what type of work is in front of you, as long as you understand you’re doing God’s work, nothing is ever too difficult.  If there’s an obstacle in front of you, it’s not real.  The obstacle is a question from God asking “Do you truly desire what you’re working hard for?  Do you truly desire what’s behind this obstacle?”  If you give up, it means you don’t truly desire it and you won’t have it.  If you work hard to get over the obstacle, you’re saying “Yes, I truly desire this thing and you’ll have it.”

It’s good to keep your eyes on the prize, but it’s greater to keep your focus on the process.  The process is what takes you to the prize.  You don’t drive to the Empire State Building by looking at the sky scraper while driving right?  You’re eyes are always on the road making sure you get there safely.  Your intention is to get to the Empire State Building, but your focus and efforts are on the path to getting there.  When you arrive, reward yourself based on your efforts and how smart and hard you worked.

  The problem with most people who want to achieve goals is they focus on what they can get, when they really should be focusing on what they can give.  Most people who think of what they can get also ask themselves the question “What will happen today?” believing that events will happen to them and hoping instead of ensuring through effort that the day will be good.  The question you should ask yourself is “What do I need to do?”  This question means the person is action oriented.  What you give to the world you will get back.  So if you give actions that make people react with love and gratitude, you will get that back.  When you focus on what you can give, you’re sure to be satisfied with what you get.  So give your best efforts at everything you do.   

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