Abundance Focus

Abundance Focus

We experience the world through our perspective of the world.  We’re all born equal spiritually, but our experience of lack or abundance varies greatly with each individual.  People in lack and raised always lacking what they want, lacking money or food, will view the world as lack, and not enough.  While others who are born in abundance, living luxuriously with their necessities and not yearning for material things so much, because they have a surplus of riches, will feel the world is abundant.

People who are without wealth find it challenging to visualize themselves having it. This is how the phrase “the richer gets richer, and the poorer gets poorer” was derived.  It’s because the more wealth people notice and pay attention to, the more they receive it back.  The more lack and poverty people pay attention to, the more they get of that energy as well.  Whether you focus on lack or abundance, what you pay attention to grows.  

The best way to attract abundance is to monitor your thoughts and stop yourself from thinking of lack. Switch your focus to abundance.  It will be difficult to do this, but it’s something you have to do if you want abundance in your life.  If you truly want abundance, you must quit focusing on lack and focus only on abundance.  

Focusing on Abundance 

Eliminate focusing on lack such as the following:

1.     Lack of what you can’t control, like news, etc.

2.     Everything seems to be more expensive

3.     Lack of ability to save money

4.     Lack of opportunities

5.     Lack of money your family had growing up

6.     The world ending

7.     Bad health

8.     Criticizing is focusing on what yourself and others lack

9.     The negative expectation of your finances 

10.   The negative expectation of the world

The abundance you can start focusing on can be:

1.     Trillions of dollars moving around the world each day

2.     Unlimited knowledge at your fingertips using the internet

3.     Feeling gratitude of what you have

4.     Positive expectations of today, tomorrow, and your life moving forward

5.     The abundance of opportunity for you to be wealthy 

6.     Visualizing and creating in your mind the abundance you deserve

7.     Giving to the less fortunate and to charity your time or money

8.     Feeling the abundance of what you have 

9.     Feeling happiness when other people reach financial success 

10.   Wanting abundance for everyone, not just yourself 


1.     Do you believe the world is abundant?                            

2.     Do you often feel abundance?                                        

3.     Can you devote more energy focusing on abundance?       

4.     Do you know the benefits of focusing on abundance?       

5.     Are you giving an abundance of action to serve others?     

6.     Do you expect abundance in your near future?                 

7.     Are you experiencing abundance right now?                     

8.     Do you express an abundance of gratitude daily?              

Explain how much abundance the world enjoys on a daily basis.

Example: The world enjoys the internet, food delivery, shopping centers, and other things that never existed before. 

What abundance have you noticed around you in your everyday life? 

Example: I’ve seen luxury cars, fancy restaurants, big houses that other people have

Do you feel good or bad when you see others have abundance and live in luxury? (Be truthful)

Example: Sometimes I feel bad if they’re teenagers because I never had that when I was young. I don’t feel bad when I see old people living in luxury, but I seldom feel good because they have what I don’t.

Can you change your perspective that poor people are becoming rich and you feel happy for people living in abundance?

Example: I can start think of poor people as those who are becoming richer so I can focus on abundance and I feel happy for those living in abundance so I can feel their perspective of life and have more clarity of what abundance looks and feels like. 

Can you decide from now on to only focus on abundance?  How? 

Example:  Yes, I will decide to only focus on abundance and also the good in people.  I will do this by imagine my bank account always growing, praising those who have luxurious things, and avoid reading bad news and listening about people’s financial problems.  I will read about wealth and pay more attention to wealthy people. 

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