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About Marq


Expert Coach for Personal Brands, Business Owners and Dreamers

I’ve always been a hard worker, went to school, worked after school, and sold drugs on the side.  I to eliminate the chances of losing my freedom by going in to business.  I started with fresh water pearls and producing and promoting Off-Broadway shows in New York city.  From not liking where my path was going because of the New York City Show business lifestyle of doing drugs and getting high, I decided to move to the Philippines.


I made it my goal to help the economy by making businesses and growing them, as well as providing jobs.  I was able to still export fresh water pearls, have them sold in Lazada, make an Office Furniture business, Photography and Events Coverage, a Digital Marketing services, a food business, and even a Motivational Art business.  I’m the opposite of most people.  When I have a business idea I go for it.  I encourage you to go for your dreams and business ideas.  

I learned everything I needed to set up and operate these businesses.  From Web design, SEO, Social media Marketing, Digital Advertising on Facebook and Google Analytics, graphic design, copywriting, video editing, sales, management and more.  I must have took over 100 online courses, and read over 1000 books on business skills and personal growth.    Every time I have a business idea, I do the research to see if there’s a market for it, then set up everything up so the business idea will start generating income. 

From learning this through experience, I realized framework can be applied to personal brands, e-commerce, services, digital products, physical products, IT services, Apps, brick and mortar, restaurants and truly any type of business out there.  I’ve designed a framework that is easy to understand for anyone and you can make your business with very little capital, just digital assets.  You have your business ready to generate income in less than 14 days even if you have a full-time job.  If you have plenty of free time, your business can be up and running in less than 7 days. 

I’ve already experienced what you’re going through, if your working full time in a job you don’t enjoy, it might be painful.  The pain your feeling is telling you their’s a better way to earn income.  I believe that’s why you’re here reading these words right now.  It’s time to follow the path of the lifestyle you want.  Maybe we never met or we know each other, but I’m writing this with care for you, because I know how it feels to not have the lifestyle you know you deserve to have.  So if your’e feeling motivated, let’s get the momentum going together for you to have the lifestyle you want. 

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