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Affirmation, mantra, incantation, however you want to call it.  These are words you repeat to help you focus on something or to help change your beliefs.  We are always saying affirmations.  Ever since we were kids, we said affirmations, but the problem is we were saying affirmations of other people.  Do you remember any catch phrases about the world, money, relationships, health and spirituality that people use to say?  In a way those were affirmations, a set of words you heard someone repeat and eventually you started repeating and believing the phrase. 

Affirmations are used to help change negative thoughts and beliefs and turn them into positive thoughts and beliefs.  If you grew up thinking money is scarce and people are greedy.  To change this, you can say an affirmation like “There’s an abundance of money in the world. More than enough for everyone.”  It can also counter fear. If you have any type of fear, you can repeat “I am courageous and strong.”  Keep repeating until you feel what you’re saying is true. The timeless affirmation of “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” was for patients to heal faster and it worked.  

Some people say affirmations is a lie repeated over and over.  Our minds are programmed in a way that when we hear something over and over, we absorb it in our subconscious mind as being true.  Also, where our attention goes, energy grows in what we pay attention to.  If we put our attention to fear, our fear will grow. By using an affirmation to focus on courage, our courage grows.  

Affirmations used properly can have a profound effect on any area of your life, including the following:

1.     Health

2.     Productivity

3.     Positive thinking

4.     Self-image

5.     Self-confidence

6.     Talent

7.     Courage

8.     Love for the self

9.     Increase your faith

10.   Belief in yourself

11.   Trusting others

12.   Achieve your goals

13.   Feel happier

14.   Change your mindset

15.   Be more grateful

16.   Have a better attitude

17.   Become the best at something

18.   Never give up

Affirmations are powerful tools that can be used any time of the day. 

What would you like to change about yourself that affirmations can help you with?

Example: More courage, more motivation, self-belief, be healthier, trust in the future

What phrases can you use to feel great?

Example: “Every day in every way I am getting better and better. “ “Thanks for my abundance.”

What affirmations will you use to stop yourself from negative thinking during the day?

Example: “I love you God with all of my heart” “I have an abundance of love” 

What affirmations can you say to shape your self-image for success and faith in the future?

Example: “I’m a talented, hardworking, genius.” “I am happy, healthy and wealthy” 

Write down your affirmations for happiness, health, wealth, success, and/or self-image.  Choose the affirmations you’d like to repeat to upgrade your feelings and beliefs of what’s important to you.

Some keys to success using affirmations include consistency and the amount of emotion you link with them.  Using them at the right time is great, like for stopping yourself from thinking negative, starting your day with them, and when you have free time or are stuck in a line. Those are just some good times to practice affirmations.  When you need motivation and confidence is a great time to use affirmations as well. 

Where I practice affirmations

•      Waiting in line at the bank or internet provider 

•      While I’m running errands

•      While driving (Great place to really let go here and say it out loud) 

•      In between work tasks

•      During meditation

•      When I feel like I’m dwelling into some form of negative thinking or worry

•      While working out, especially running

•      Don’t recommend doing it during yoga poses, but the shavasana part in the end is a great time to say affirmations

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